Can we save the USA from the far-Left and the deep state? These people hate Trump and we conservatives are being called Nazis, deplorable, etc. Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, De Niro, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Walters, CNN, MSNBC (and the list goes on and on) are so braindead they don’t care about the U.S. citizens, they will do anything to get back into power.

At first to get Trump, they started the Russia collusion. Then Stormy Daniels. Then the North Korea talks. Now it’s the immigration and the kids being held in cages that their main man Obama created. First, do the parents really care about their children? They know ahead of time if they come in illegally they will be arrested and the kids taken from them. These far-Left Democrats are the same ones that put in the abortion law. How many million babies have died because of them that never got to see the light of day? They are up in arms about the kids in cages but they are responsible for the murder of these unborn babies.

Beware! These people are out to destroy our country, make it a socialist (communist) USA, and get a dictator. Do they ever tell us what it costs to keep an illegal immigrant here? Food, clothing, housing, education, transportation, etc. And there are citizens living here in boxes, tents, with no food.

If you don’t like it in the USA, get the hell out. If they want to take our guns, start with the Democrats, then the Hollywood stars that all have armed guards. Then we’ll see how safe they feel and how tough Fonda, Baldwin, De Niro and the others are.

From a proud Trump supporter and a proud conservative.



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