I was reading with amazement, Joe Lewis’ Rimersburg Rules column in the July 25-26 edition of The Leader-Vindicator when I found myself nodding in agreement with his observation that: “One wonders how persons who can’t maintain loyalty to their spouses, even when times are hard and disagreements intense, can maintain loyalty toward their country when they perceive times are hard and disagreements intense. Could it be the weakest and most treacherous have risen to high office and can’t?”

I thought, “Way to go Joe! You’ve nailed it!” That describes Trump in a nutshell — now with wife number three (who actually likes CNN and supports LeBron James), cheated on all three while married, pays off some of them under the table in cash with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lies about all of it — and most everything else.

Then I read the next paragraph. Whoops. Never mind — Lewis is off on a rant about two FBI staffers who are no longer with the FBI. Yes, terrible behavior on their part two years ago, but that pales in comparison to what we see from Putin’s Poodle every day, every week, every month.

Joe, do you have the integrity to give equal time to Trump’s transgressions? All of them? Didn’t think so.


Falls Church, Va.

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