This is in response to Jack Paulden’s letter to the editor, titled “Solidarity,” in last week’s Leader-Vindicator regarding the VA health system.

Jack, I sat beside you at the M.O.V.E. program at the VA clinic; you can’t get solidarity when you verbally assault the dietician, and call one of your brother veterans ignorant. It was a classless, tasteless and an inane move on your part. Did you also know the instructor is also pregnant? And all you did was upset her and the rest of us in that class.

Write a letter to the head of the VA if you’re not happy with the system. None of us are happy with it either, but I can attest, the care I recently received was top notch, and the staff caring. It doesn’t matter how much VA employees make or what kind of medical benefits they receive. I’m sure they pay for what they get and it’s not a freebie they get handed to them. I know when I worked for the Department of Defense as a federal employee, the insurance we got is what we paid for.

Maybe you should take aim at the Congress critters, the ones who cut funding for us veterans — the problem starts with them. And as far as you believing you’re an incompetent veteran, well one has to wonder, with the attack on the instructor, who in my opinion does an excellent job, and calling one of our brothers ignorant, and then wanting solidarity from us when you were clearly out of line. I believe no matter what the VA does for you, well, you will still find fault and be unhappy; that’s just the nature of some people. But to liken the VA to Nazis, well don’t you think that’s going a little too far? Much too far.



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