Three years have now passed since the resignation of Madison Township (Clarion County) Supervisors Montgomery and Stitt. The people voted Supervisor John Buzzard out of office that previous fall election. Maple Grove residents had a sign put up at the end of their road, renaming it “Pothole Grove Road.” Madison Township was maxed out at the $125,000 debt capacity and township money had been frozen from the state because Buzzard, Montgomery and Stitt failed to pay the 2016 payroll taxes. Their negligence on buildings, roads and equipment maintenance left all taxpayers with a huge burden to overcome. Why did Buzzard, Montgomery and Stitt allow this? After all, they took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to represent the taxpayers’ best interests.

Supervisor Greg Seybert initiated the healthcare plan for the supervisors when he first took office. Seybert never took the long-term cost to the taxpayers into consideration. The supervisors in 2017 cancelled the health insurance. Through those years, health insurance has cost Madison taxpayers over a half million dollars. That was not good enough for Mr. Buzzard, Montgomery and Stitt because they had the taxpayers pay for what their health insurance didn’t cover. Former auditors Mrs. Shons and Mr. Marsh informed the supervisors in writing they were to immediately stop using taxpayer dollars to pay their medical bills. The township could not afford this and the auditors did not approve that form of compensation. They ignored the auditors and continued paying medical bills with township funds until concerned citizens began attending meetings and questioning the medical bills. Those supervisors cost the taxpayers an additional $5,000 for their co-pays. Supervisor Seybert already stated at a recent meeting that he wishes to reinstate healthcare coverage for the supervisors. If John Buzzard is elected, then those two will outvote the third supervisor because Seybert feels our tax dollars should cover their personal healthcare instead of township use.

Since the swamp was drained, the current supervisors have been working vigorously in getting the finances, equipment and roads improved. John Buzzard and Montgomery were supervisors for many years and allowed the degradation of the roads, equipment and buildings to occur under their leadership. Leadership like that we cannot afford. Supervisor Lanny Himes is working hard to put your tax dollars back into the township. Please vote for Lanny Himes and give us a few more years to make our township great again.



Madison Township

(Clarion County)

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