Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and other “Demon-crats” should be held and brought up for treason. These overpaid, do-nothings have been trying to ruin our country since President Trump was elected. Four years of impeachment and now they are starting on five years. Taking an oath with their hand on the Bible to uphold the Constitution and to work for the people is just a joke to these liars.

Now, for [letter writer] Lynn Ramsey, it’s OK for your party to call us conservatives, deplorable, Walmart shoppers, you call President trump a Nazi, etc. Now you say we are in a cult and we are brainwashed? At least we have a brain. You also have a lot of nerve to mention Christianity when the Dems are for abortion, same-sex marriage and they hate Catholics because they are against killing babies. Also, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled there was no cheating or fraud in the Pa. election. Really? Funny that a liberal judge would rule against President Trump!

What gets me is that Biden and his cronies told you what they would do if they got elected, and you voted for him anyway. He did away with the Keystone Pipeline, that now makes us dependent on Saudi Arabia. Notice gas pricing going up? Biden rejoined the World Health Organization, which we were paying for most countries until President Trump dropped out. Open borders mean more criminals in the USA. Biden is taking away everything Trump did to help us and make America great.

Why aren’t Biden and the Dems condemning the riots in Portland, Seattle and Denver? Why is Harris allowed to bail criminals out of jail and put them back on the street?

If the Republicans let Pelosi and Chucky go on with this illegal impeachment, they should be kicked out of office. Same with the do-nothing Dems.

You may sell your soul to the devil, but just remember we must all answer to God on Judgement Day.



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