They say history repeats itself. Let’s take a look. The combatants of World War II were the Allies: the United States, Britain (now the U.K.), France and the USSR or now Russia. And on the “evil” Axis side we had Germany, Italy and Japan. To compare that to today, the U.S. and it’s Allies would be Antifa (Anti-Fascists) or those who fight against Fascism; and QAnon, which wants to bring it back.

Interestingly, President Trump recently retweeted a QAnon conspiracy theory, and someone from Antifa is said to have countered with a message that Trump was given the coronavirus vaccine as a gift from Putin when they met at the Helsinki Conference. The anonymous source suggests that is why they walk around now unmasked. Who can know? History repeating itself is meant to be a reference to the history of Hitler, a house painter who stirred hatred and eventually brought his country down, to a welfare state, saved only by the American Taxpayer Martial Plan. History repeating itself too, would be “Tokyo Rose,” an English speaking broadcaster from Japan. Tokyo Rose spread propaganda that suggested Antifa (America, Britain, France and Russia) were weak and could be dominated. Today’s counterpart to “Tokyo Rose” is, of course, one-time house painter, Sean Hannity.

Sean, a once altar boy, started protesting the Catholic Church and is now a full-fledged protestor or Protestant. Wow! Perhaps that is why he “acts out” on the world stage as a key Presidential adviser, telling bedtime stories to the “Boy King” at night, some say. The “boy” part given lately by General “Mad Dog” Mattis who used kinder words than Rex Tillerson by saying President Trump was immature.

Now obviously, being immature myself I don’t buy into conspiracy theories. Heck, as a Jewish Christian I realized that if Jesus wasn’t a “Santa Story,” I had better hedge my bets for “Eternity” by believing in Christ. That is why I say I am the least among you, you Christians who walk the path of Jesus, who only carried the weapons he was born with. Of course he was the only son of the man who owns everything, even those huge far away stars above that too have planets, but yet he, Jesus, didn’t act like a, perhaps, sociopathic megalomaniac.

However, with so many “Good Christians” supporting such mentally challenged leaders in World War III, will Jesus come back finally, perhaps from visiting other stars planets and resave us? Could he really be on the way? Who can know!



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