I am burdened with and tired of relentless solicitations by mail and phone for contributions to remedy many causes that common-sensed legislators should not find too difficult to muster a vote on.

Why the need for contributions to make English the official language of the U.S., or to free workers from self-serving union control, or to defund the United Nations, or to have voter IDs?

President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and “If we can head off fraudulent votes, we shall carry the day.”

So, what do we have today? A Congress divided against itself and fraudulent voting. To carry the election in 2018, the tide must be turned against liberal subversion and those brainwashed to hate America and capitalism and to think socialism is the road to travel. Would-be voters need to be educated on the negatives of liberal progressivism and on the positives of conservative patriotism.

Conservative political action committees, Black PAC and Hispanic PAC, could prove instrumental in fostering an awakening and conversion of voters to vote in favor of keeping and not subverting the Republic. Let common sense and conservatism prevail and liberalism fail.



West Newton;

Formerly of

New Bethlehem

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