School sponsored breakfast and lunches are a great thing, but the absence of those meals on Saturdays and Sundays can be a problem. That is why the Blessings Bags program began last year in the Redbank Valley School District.

This program makes available bags of food to those children who might need extra nourishment over the weekends. Students were privately selected and sent home with an opt out letter. At present, this takes place every two weeks. Around 75 bags are being distributed. Included in the bags are nonperishable, individually packaged items that a child can fix themselves. Our hope is that the entire community will become involved in this important local ministry.

How can you help?

• Praying.

• Donating food from the list below.

• Monetary donations.

Here are the nonperishable, individually packaged food items that are needed:

• Microwavable macaroni and cheese cups.

• Microwavable ravioli, spaghetti cups.

• Fruit cups, applesauce cups, pudding cups.

• Applesauce tubes.

• Individual chips, crackers, cookies.

• Fruit snacks and small boxes of raisins.

• Granola bars and Pop Tarts.

• Microwavable popcorn.

• Small full-size boxes of cereal.

Please be sure that items do not need boiling water and that they are not out of date.

For more information, call Linda McHenry, Oakland Church of God, at (814) 275-2347.

To make monetary donations, please make checks out to Oakland Church of God earmarked “BlessingBags” and send them to the church at Box 40, Distant, PA 16223.

Food donations may also be dropped off at the church during office hours Monday through Friday.


Oakland Church of God

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