The short list for the nominee’s for the next Supreme Court Justice has been announced, what will the Left find wrong with them?

There are two woman, Amy Barrett and Joan Larsen, that should pacify the “gender” crowd that a woman is being considered...oh wait, they are Conservatives! Well, Amul Thapar is in contention, and he is Indian, so the “racial justice” folks will surely approve of Amul...not so fast, he too is Conservative! The last three are out! Thomas Hardiman, Raymond Kethledge and Brett Kavanaugh will never get out of the gate since they are not only Conservative, they are those awful, privileged white males! All of the aforementioned are flawless jurors.

Just like the Founding Fathers of America, those in consideration of nomination to the SCOTUS consider the U.S. Constitution “etched in stone,” not a fluid document that can be changed at the whim of a political party.

Roe vs. Wade seems to be the centerpiece to the opposition of having another Conservative in the SCOTUS; however, Roe vs. Wade has been law since 1974, it will be considered law, and shall remain so. Typically, the Left would agree with this thought because abortion is a fundamental anchor for them, but the Second Amendment with “Bill of Rights” status, is one of those “fluid” subjects that Liberals are willing to overlook.

I believe the real underlying priority for the Left is immigration, not Roe vs. Wade, but they dare not say that out loud.

I have never been a fan of Harry Reid, but I want to thank Harry for the tremendous gift of eliminating the filibuster when appointing Supreme Court Justices — now it can be done with a simple majority. Just waiting for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire!



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