As I have sat quietly for the last four years and watched our great country collapse around us, I feel I can be silent no longer.

What happened on Jan. 6 was appalling, disgraceful, embarrassing, treasonous, dangerous, and most of all, heartbreaking. To think that a madman by the name of Trump (I will not call him president as he does not deserve the title) has swayed millions of people to believe his crackpot conspiracy theories and has persuaded thousands to breach our Capitol, threaten our police, destroy property, loot offices, and try to stop the constitutional process of certifying a legally elected president makes me wonder if I am still proud to be an American.

I have always wondered what makes people who follow the insane tick. What do these psychos have that encourages people to carry out their insanity? I rank Trump with Jim Jones, Adolf Hilter, Charles Manson and the myriad of other sick individuals who were able to persuade apparently everyday people to commit acts of violence and self-destruction.

I have friends that I consider very intelligent that have got caught up in these hateful conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact and they have to know this but are caught up in some sort of trance by Trump that turns them into his minions to do his dirty work. Why, I ask, can you ignore all of the judges and courts, many of which were appointed by Trump, that found no basis at all for any reason to doubt the validity of the election? What flavor of Kool Aid is he forcing you all to drink? At this point I do not think any amount of proof to the contrary will change your minds and that is a terrifying thought. When crackpot groups such as Qanon are believed over the people who were legally elected by the voters of this country, we are in big trouble. If you would like to see what this country would look without governing bodies, just take a look at what happened on Jan. 6. Not a place I would like to be in.

I am not a left wing or right wing voter, but stand steadfastly in the middle and believe both sides will need to work together to accomplish anything. I do wonder now what is going to happen to the Republican Party as there now seems to be two independent forces at work in this party, the Trumplicans with their irrational agenda of conspiracy theories and dark web sites, and the traditional Republican Party of which I used to be part of. After the following few months and the cowardice I have witnessed in the House and Senate, I feel that this is not the party for me. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

Please stop the rants and disinformation that have absolutely poisoned this country, deal in reality not the world of conspiracy, don’t believe that just because you saw it on social media it is true, respect the beliefs of others even if they do not exactly mirror yours, work together not divide. If we fail to do this, the United States of America that we are so proud of may be no more. I pray for our country.

I hope this letter does not cause me to lose any friendships because I value these relationships over any political values. If you are my true friend, you will remain so. I just feel that the time to speak is now while we still have something to save.




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