This holiday season I believe Tom T. Andrews Jr., my father, is smiling in heaven as a result of the Redbank Valley Historical Society’s recent publication of “Business Center Recollections” featuring his 1989 columns about New Bethlehem. On behalf of the Andrews family, I extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all the members of the society for honoring my father’s journalism as noteworthy for preservation of New Bethlehem’s history.

It was Dad’s dream in retirement to write a book about New Bethlehem, but time and health problems prevented this from happening before his death in 1996. Bobbie Andrews, my mother, has remembered his wishes all the years, often wondering if such a project would be of interest to anyone in addition to our family.

I savored every minute of an afternoon browsing and reading this 180-page book that features Dad’s columns with accompanying photos. Current photos and information added by the historical society fully engage the reader; indeed, the combination of past and present information causes the reader to pause and marvel at New Bethlehem’s growth and development. Dad’s vivid descriptions of the buildings and businesses evolve around all the people and their stories that he enjoyed getting to know throughout his life.

I believe the readers of The Leader-Vindicator will treasure their very own copy of “Business Center Recollections” as a historical keepsake about New Bethlehem. The Andrews family hopes the wealth of information in text and photos has the power to inspire innovation and creativity of present and future generations in the best interests of New Bethlehem. My father will always be smiling in heaven.


New Bethlehem

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