The Democratic Party — the gift that just keeps on giving. They just finished running a three-year infomercial for Donald Trump and the Republican Party. No surprise that Donald Trump was acquitted, and the end result is a stronger, much more coalesced Republican Party prospering in the tailwinds. The current approval rating for Trump is 51 percent, the highest ever. Unfortunately the political environment in D.C. is very toxic, and may remain unsettled indefinitely. The impeachment debacle blew up like a hand grenade in the Democrats’ faces.

Since the inauguration of Trump, the leftist Democrats have been screaming impeachment, and they were determined to find any avenue to charge him with crimes lofty enough for impeachment; their attempt was disorganized, very reactionary, and in the process they have sacrificed Joe Biden, who was exposed and hung out to dry during the impeachment hearing. It is no secret that the Dems have been trying to silence Bernie Sanders, and they inadvertently moved Bernie into the “front runner” position for the Democratic nominee for President.

Will there be a “round two” for impeachment? That remains to be seen, but we know for sure the leftists are blinded by their hatred for Donald Trump, and no devious shenanigans would be beneath them.

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler claim victory because they have branded Trump as having been “impeached” — they must have missed the memo that Trump was “acquitted,” and with only 47 votes when they needed 67 to impeach and remove, that is far from a victory. Game over! These four people are viscous, self centered, narcissistic and they would have you believe it is midnight when it is noon. After the acquittal, Nancy Pelosi said next year we will have a different POTUS. I would strongly disagree. I do believe we will certainly have a new Speaker of the House, by the name of Kevin McCarthy.

The Dems are getting desperate, they are considering the roll out of Hillary Clinton to run as VP as a drawing card, their choices for President are very weak, and Heaven forbid, it looks like an “old white male” may win the nomination. Hillary made the statement on “The Ellen Show” about the acquittal, that nobody is above the law, so she feels that throwing her hat into the ring would be warranted. Amazing! In addition, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are trying to buy the Presidency.

Donald Trump is a pragmatist, he could have just as easily ran as a Democrat, and maybe he should have, his views and objectives would not have changed regardless. If he had been a “21st Century Democrat,” he would have built the wall on the southern border, cut taxes, created millions of jobs, same prosperity, made a deal for DACA children, international trade deals, natural gas production, killed the same terrorists, rebuilt the military, and many other accomplishments with total bipartisan support. The Democrats would have been none the wiser, just so they could have taken credit for it.

There is still much to be done, and Trump will keep his promises for sure, he is a true American. Maybe cooler heads will prevail, and both sides will realize that they must find a modicum of resolution and balance. If the Democrats continue the hard line “resistance,” would the last person leaving the Democratic Party please turn out the lights?



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