Due to the decrease in economical advances in Clarion County, it’s about time for educators to help the community. Yet again we are talking about raising school taxes, but what concessions have our school district made.

Concessions are needed throughout our entire school district. Concessions need to be directed toward insurance, wages, pensions, paid time off and sports. Teachers are worried about their income and benefits, but as a community, we should be worried about the safety, health and education of our children.

It’s sad to see the decrease of education and concern our teachers have for our children. Our children can’t even do simple math without a calculator or even approach teachers for help without fear. The school has a lack of concern for our children’s mental and physical health. We say our children are the future, but their health and safety are barely worth $10 an hour. Nurses have degrees as well, but we don’t compensate them like we do educators. If we are a small community and can’t compensate nurses, then why do we compensate educators? Some educators aren’t doing their jobs but want higher compensation.

Tax increases are probable and likely, and I feel sports programs are useless. We cut programs and classes that would benefit students in the future just to keep sports. In reality, how many children are going to be professional athletes? Sports are fun for children, but in today’s society, decent jobs are hard to come by. We need to focus on education, so our children have a fighting chance in this competitive world.

I don’t want my children or grandchildren struggling to make a living at a fast food joint.



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