It has been three weeks since the horrible event in Parkland, Fla. that cost 17 innocent people their lives. There has been much talk about the solution to such heinous crimes, but more than that, the solutions have been knee-jerk, feel good proposals, especially from Liberals concerning gun ownership or gun bans.

Predictably, Sens. Schumer, Pelosi and company called for a ban on semi-auto rifles, that is always the starting point for Liberals. I hope readers understand that a “gun ban” for Liberals is really not to save lives; a ban will give government total control of its citizens. Having said that, Donald Trump has been very open, and a good steward of talks to try to come to a compromise that will appease both sides of the issue and hopefully accomplish the goal of putting in place legislation that will actually be beneficial and save lives.

Just like the evil people who would prey on school students, the lawmakers are also choosing “soft targets,” and those targets are law-abiding gun owners. Hard targets would be the 2.5 million gang members who deal in drugs, guns, human trafficking and all things illegal. Fact is, the Liberals harbor those criminals dealing in illegal activities in safe havens by creating sanctuary cities!

The passage of new laws will not deter anyone who is determined to kill someone, no matter what age limit is placed on ownership, style of firearm, capacity of magazines, or registration of firearms — the lawless will always find a way to take life and do the evil destruction that they set out to do. Surely as reasonable people, we cannot continue to look at this problem with the myopic view that one more law (or restriction) will stop the madness! More restrictions will only impede the law abiding gun owner from protecting self and family.

Just like the “war on drugs,” which has been ongoing for a half century, and costing taxpayers trillions of dollars, government has never been able to find a finality to the problem. The irony is, the government had a change of heart when they floated the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana saying that “they” would be able to control the drugs, and somehow magically if it were under their control, it would no longer be detrimental to the user and their families. The states that have legalized recreational marijuana tout the revenue they receive as a plus, but who suffers? The same goes with illegal guns, when government tries to ban or limit anything such as drugs or guns, they inadvertently create a cottage industry for unscrupulous people, and criminals will always own guns!

”Gun bans don’t disarm criminals, gun bans attract them,” Walter Mondale, April 20, 1994.

You would never know coming from Liberals, that the NRA is to gun owners, as the AAA Auto Club is to drivers. The NRA has many programs, the Eddie Eagle Program for example, to educate school children, teachers and gun owners in general about the safety and proper use of firearms. If you are anti-gun, I would encourage you to read the mission statement of the NRA that was established in 1871.



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