Who set the bar for conditional barter? If you do this or provide me with that, I’ll provide you with a material (money was once based on real material, but today in the U.S. more properly known as fiat money or fake money perhaps) or service you need.

Back in the day of Adam and Eve, if you allow me literal latitude, the snake put forth a quid quo pro. I need you to defy God, because he has chosen you not me, and if I can convince you to defy him, you will lose world stature. (A Putin desire is for America to lose face in the world so he can gain more communist power.) Meanwhile Fox News has put forth the idea that socialism is the problem in healthcare, while China and Russia are communist and the problem of democracy. Fox bypasses communism yet continues to push against Britain’s nationalized medicine, which isn’t socialism. No European country is socialist, while providing national healthcare for their citizens. These countries tax you for healthcare like we get taxed for public schools or our police force.

Fox is perhaps a modern day snake who talks to you and tells you to defy God. The one true God. Fox is the propaganda arm for White Nationalism, and the snake in the garden that is, in my opinion, dividing America and causing Christians to consider eating the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit for Christians is to lie to themselves. Oh the horror, the horror! Had Adam only said, “No Eve, instead we eat the snake.” In a world where there are more good people than not, you cannot eat Fox, but you can turn it off!

However, regarding Quid Pro Quo, God set the bar when he said to Abraham, “If you and all the males in your household rid yourself of an important material you possess, I will give you the best real estate in the world.” Now that was a Quid Quo Pro. However, a male servant in Abraham’s house might protest. “Wait a minute, whatever a minute is, you get ‘The Land’ while I cut off what? Well, let’s talk a raise in shekels at least. Now once again, who told you this?”

Abraham too was a Quid Pro Quo Pro, it seems, because apparently the male servants took the deal. Thank God for Christ. I really mean that, because God’s progressively thinking Son pushed for unconditional giving. That means no Quid Pro Quos. No kickbacks, no condition of you if I give to you! Wow! Who could know!



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