There are no better than the folk of Sligo, Pennsylvania. Sligo, hopefully still a Dry-Town, should consider the “Zion Curtain” of Utah. This curtain which shields children from the supposed glamour of bar-tending and subsequent risks of underage drinking by having a partition in bars and pubs with restaurants to block the adult alcohol activities from children’s view.

Apparently, the Mormons of Utah tore down that curtain in 2017 in some areas and we can only assume there will be an increase in drunk Mormons as the Angel Moroni gravely shudders, clasping the missing golden Book of Mormon and its pages that ban alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption.

However, upon reflection, Sligo, Pennsylvania should perhaps continue to upkeep the concept of the Zion Curtain as the number of pubs in Sligo, Ireland (Namesake of Sligo, Pennsylvania) is perhaps more than necessary. From Thomas Connolly’s pub to Swagman’s Bar, Sligo, Ireland is not wanting for establishments to “Wet One’s Whistle.” As lovely as “Fiddlers Creek Restaurant & Bar” is in Sligo, Ireland, at least as shown on Google Earth images, there is much merit in Sligo, Pennsylvania holding good to it’s “Dry Town” or “Zion Curtain” borders for the sake of its “Wee Folk” (the children).

I say this with great gravity, as the trucking industry recently published reports that there are perhaps 300,000 truckers who would not pass an alcohol or drug spot check. The drugs being illicit or prescription, it matters not. With max weights for most trucks running 40 tons, and in some cases more, we really don’t need these possible weapons of mass destruction careening out of control down our highways and by-ways. Yet, as accidents have increased, government has still gone as far as opening interstate hauling to 18-year olds. The old rule required truckers traveling between states to be 21. Such is the way government handles a Zion-type Curtain, in this case due to a shortage of drivers who can pass a drug/alcohol test. Don’t uphold the rule, simply change it to fit, even if fitting it is hazardous.

As Sligo is considering removing its Leprechaun from the sign, perhaps it would consider replacing it with something similar to the Irish Rugby Football Union Icon, and amid the shamrocks replace the rugby pigskin with the words, “Drive Slowly, Wee Folk About.” And under that in smaller letters, “Zion Curtain Rules.”


Sligo, Pa.

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