New coverage of the Charlottesville riot is this year’s biggest false attack (Fake News) against President Trump by the corrupt national media. What a charade!

Here are the facts: City council voted to remove a 124 statue of a Confederate general, Robert E. Lee. A group of approximately 500 whites applied for a permit to rally in the park to keep the statue. Council originally denied the permit but later issued it. The purpose of the permit is to prevent outside vigilante groups from coming in and starting trouble. No group can protest in the park without a permit.

The white group, Unite the Right, started their lawful rally. Two outside left wing groups, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa (ANT), predominately black, were bused into Charlottesville that morning. Neither group got a permit. Therefore, they had no legal right to be in the park.

Actual audio/video footage of this riot shows BLM and ANT entering with full riot gear including helmets, face shields and bats. They converged on the white group and began hitting several whites with bats. The white group had no riot gear. Other members of BLM/ANT began spray painting “Black Lives Matter” on the statue with black paint. A fight commenced when white defended, escalating into a full riot. A white man, Fields, then drove a vehicle into the riot, killing one woman and injuring others. Fields alone is guilty of murder.

The corrupt media without airing this footage immediately put full blame for the riot on the white group calling them racial slurs of “neo-Nazis” and “white supremacist.” The media demanded President Trump denounce the violence from this “racist” white group. President Trump correctly denounced the violence of both groups and ordered an investigation and prosecution of the offenders. The media is now attacking Trump for refusing to totally blame the white group. They falsely claim Trump is a racist and supports white supremacy.

Thank God President Trump had the wisdom to blame both groups and the decency to refuse to use racial slurs. The media is a disgrace.


Oil City

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