”Forty years and she still trumps my ace!”

My grandfather uttered those words when my grandmother trumped his ace during a card game. He was not angry, he was not frustrated, he had expected it; in his eyes his beautiful wife could do everything, except play cards perhaps.

Most can relate to a family member or a friend who will always do that one thing that will never change. So you just accept it over time.

What is not acceptable, and what really trumps the ace we all expect to not be trumped, is ignoring the healthcare of veterans of this country.

We heard a lot from those presidential candidates during this last election about how they were going to finally take care of our veterans who served.

Guess what? Although the Choice Care bill was just signed by President Trump, it has taken over six months to get it funded because Congress took a recess before approving it for his signature to make it happen. So much for clearing the swamp. Apparently whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat in Congress, you are the swamp. Our President is now facing the true swamp dilemma: “When you are up to your butt in alligators, it is often difficult to remember the initial objective was to clear the swamp!” Of course President Trump going Archie Bunker on us doesn’t help either.

On the plus side, the Choice Care Act will allow veterans a choice for health care, instead of just getting care from the broken VA.

I myself am using it now. As my healthcare deductible during my shortened trucking career was $2,500 a year, the VA said as a Protected Veteran there was no deductible, no need for Obamacare and the VA would take care of my health needs. Well, it has been a mixed struggle, but with a private contractor running the Clarion VA Clinic, the system is finally working.

I am not sure why they are sending me to a plastic surgeon though, unless it is to cut up my honey’s credit cards. I did hear a nurse whisper the term, “Distorted Face Syndrome.” I wasn’t sure if it was referencing me, but that is a temporary condition I have, and it only really occurs when the Congress and or VA once again trump the peoples’ ace, which I too have a hand in, as do all of you.



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