Trump’s America is defined by two lines — the unemployment line and the food line. Trump’s failure to react at all for two months other than to lie about COVID, combined with no federal coordination to fight COVID, has destroyed lives and jobs.

As winter weather approaches, 20 million Americans will be evicted from their homes. Where will they go? Seventeen million more Americans are hungry today than before COVID. Working parents are among the hardest hit economically. There were 886,000 new unemployment claims this past week, quickly approaching one million more unemployed every week. Eight million people have gotten COVID since President Trump first claimed it would disappear. Over 220,000 families are mourning loved ones who died alone due to COVID.

In February, as he lied to Americans about the severity of COVID, President Trump furtively gave his major donors private information about the coming stock market losses due to COVID. Why? Trump cares about Trump; he cares about his wealthy donors, not you and me. The news today is that COVID cases were up 18 percent nationwide this week yet the stock market continues to do well. Eight million Americans have sunk into poverty since the CARES Act was passed in March and that money has disappeared. No new COVID assistance legislation has gotten through the GOP-controlled Senate. Nothing. Now, in desperation at his failing election numbers, Trump claims that Americans will get COVID help, but Trump’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says that Americans will not get help before the election. Who do you believe?

Harvard has produced a study stating that at this time next year, if COVID is brought under control, COVID will cost $16 trillion. America’s entire Gross Domestic Product last year was almost $21.5 trillion. That’s nearly 75 percent of the nation’s GDP! As the wealthiest continue getting richer, Trump is in the Supreme Court suing on Nov. 10 to immediately take ACA healthcare from 20 million people. Eight million more people now have a new pre-existing condition — they have had COVID. They will pay more, if they can be insured. Meanwhile, the GOP-lead Senate, who has not lifted a finger to help hurting Americans with a COVID relief bill, is instead ramming through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. And Trump claims he will fight a lost election in the courts.

Americans deserve better. Twenty million people have already voted, as have I. Vote Blue to stop the insanity, the cruelty and greed before it’s too late for you and your family.



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