I thought the Democratic Party had hit as low as any party could go by wanting socialism, Medicare for all, tax the rich 70 percent of their money, and have everything run by the government — and not saying how they would pay for it.

Just look at the candidates the far Left have running for president, Harris, Warren, Booker, Holder, just to name a few. Don’t forget loud-mouth Biden. Remember what he said to Obama when Obamacare passed? Great vocabulary, Joey.

They want to limit freedom of speech, do away with anything pertaining to God, take our guns, do away with the Constitution, and punish people that worked hard to become wealthy by taxing them into poverty. If the Dems get control, we will have nothing.

Here is the worst idea the Dems have come up with, and I thought they couldn’t get any worse or evil. They want abortion legal, and a live baby in the womb or a baby just born on the due date can be aborted. Once conception is complete, that is an alive embryo, so that is murder. If you vote for anyone that approves of abortion you, too, are held responsible for murder. These people are selling their souls to the devil just to gain power and wealth.

Before you vote for the far Left, or the do-nothing Democratic Party, have a long talk with your pastor and a long talk with God Almighty.

May God have mercy on us and lead us down the right path.



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