Union Travel Club

UNION TRAVEL CLUB members Hobie Minick (left) and Marli Hawk with a donation check from the Union High School Class of 1977 which will be used to help pay for the club’s international trip next year.

I would like to share a brief story of serendipity, an event that happens by chance, that has resulted in a wonderful benefit for Union High School students.

Serendipity brought together two individuals that have a connection to Union High School a few months ago. One individual, the mother of a current Union student who will be traveling to Spain and Italy in June 2018. The other, a graduate of Union High School’s Class of 1977.

In casual conversation, the two women discussed some upcoming dinners they were attending and planning. One of those was a dinner the Union Travel Club was hosting to help fundraise for their upcoming, international trip.

It just so happened that the Class of 1977 was looking for a way to honor the classmates they have lost over the last 40 years. What better way to do so than to help current Union students partake in a journey of a lifetime?

This chance crossing of paths made the Union Travel Club the recipient of a donation from the graduating Class of 1977. This money will be used to help students pay their airfare, hotels and their excursions abroad.

The Union Travel Club would like to thank the Class of 1977 for its donation honoring the classmates they have lost. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use!


Union Travel Club

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