This may be old news to some (take a bow Slick Freddie), but Trump was right! There was electoral fraud in Pennsylvania!

You read that right. Officials have found evidence. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bruce Bartman, a 70-year-old resident, and apparent slow learner, of Delaware County has been charged with voter fraud. He voted in his mother’s name (she’s dead) and registered his equally dead mother-in-law to vote.

After investigation, prosecutors declared Bartman (not to be confused with smart man) to be the only voter fraud case they found after reviewing hundreds of tips. Spoiler alert: Bartman registered both as Republicans. Bartman was released on $100,000 bail. If convicted he could get 19 years in prison. If he is convicted, and serves a full term, he could be out in time to vote (two or three times) for Trump in the 2040 election, which, given T-Rump’s win in 2020 for his second term (in his mind only), would be an unprecedented seventh term for Trump. No other candidate has come close — even FDR was only elected four times. Loser!

Bartman, who apparently is a registered voter under the pseudonym “Dumbman,” should be proud. He is in rare company. The conservative Heritage Foundation maintains a database of convicted cases of voter fraud in the period 2000-2020. It has 193 cases. Dumbman would make it 194. I did the math for those who still believe in massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania and elsewhere — you know, the other 49 states where no widespread fraud has been found.

According to Dumbman’s attorney, he (Dumbman) takes responsibility for his actions. I guess he didn’t pay attention to Trump’s reply when a reporter asked him if he took any responsibility for the failure of the federal government to adequately address COVID in the early stages. Trump replied that he took no responsibility. Dumbman lives up to his pseudonym and takes responsibility. Trump would call him a loser!


Falls Church, Va.

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