Matthew 25:31-46 — What you do to the least of these...

Greedy Old Propagandists (GOP) are just fine with Trump’s hatred and concentration camps for people who have come to America begging for help. Pleading for amnesty. Horror stories abound. VP Pence, who has based his political life on his so-called Christianity, was just fine with the cruelty aimed at the poorest, most disadvantaged people in our hemisphere caused by Trump.

True religion is this in James 1:27: to care for orphans and widows in their distress ... no mention of color, county of origin, just care! Crack open your Bible to Isaiah 1:16, Isaiah 58:6-10, Amos 5:24, and Micah 6:8. If you call yourself Christian, think before you vote. The Religious Right are the equivalent of Pharisees, the ones who called themselves religious and that killed Jesus. There is a ton of anger directly from God in the Old Testament Books of the Prophets, notably Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

Make a difference. Vote for love, not the Greedy Old Propagandist hatred that we see toward people of color and those who are disadvantaged. Note that the Old Testament ends with a curse simply telling us to care for each other or else. And we are all one big family.

Politicians and politics affect people’s lives. Care for each other, speak up for justice, vote!



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