Every time I read a newspaper there is an article about the Clarion County Commissioners renting, leasing or buying more properties for office space. Are the courthouse rooms full? All I notice is the Sheriff’s Office is being used (this I noticed as you have to go downstairs to go through the metal detector and be checked by a deputy sheriff.)

The courthouse used to house all the agencies. Down the street from the courthouse are offices, Main Street has offices, the old hospital has offices, and who knows where else.

Also, where were the commissioners when Jamesway, Trader Horn, Bi-Lo, Gross Motors, Seidle, Kmart, R-S Metals, Glass Containers, Comet, Wein’s and all the other businesses closed? Did they fight to keep them in Clarion County? They better hope the college doesn’t move out.

The only time Madison Township (Clarion County) had a commissioner to our meeting was when they needed our OK to put millions of dollars into a tunnel on the rails to trails in East Brady that brings no revenue into Clarion County.

I have paid taxes into Clarion County for many, many years and what have I and many others gotten from it? Many here in Madison Township don’t have city water, sewage and other luxuries as the ones in Clarion.

Also, the commissioners are discussing what to do with the property over by Knox that was to be an industrial park. It has been vacant for years. Another waste. Face the facts, Clarion County is not a tourism county, as is almost all of Pennsylvania.

Who decided to re-do Route 68 going into Clarion? What a waste of taxpayer money. It’s hurting business and turning Clarion into a ghost town.

One more question: If someone gets hurt or some other mishap happens on rails to trails, who is held responsible? There is no security and many areas have no cell phone service.

Maybe it’s time for women to run for commissioner. That may be a big improvement.



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