In 2011, the three top contenders who owned most of the world were the Queen of England first, followed by the King of Saudi Arabia, and third the Pope!

The Queen of Great Britain, now known as the United Kingdom, owned not just England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but Canada, Australia and other holdings. The King of Saudi Arabia owned all of Saudi Arabia. The Vatican is only 110 acres, but the Pope of that time owned over 170 million acres worldwide. So there you have it, the top three world real estate owners, at least in 2011, were a king, a queen and a man who claims to be Christ’s vicar on Earth.

One common thread of those owners is that all citizens or employees of those holdings have free healthcare provided them.

Of course it’s not really free. The taxes from the people provide for their health, and in the case of the Vatican, little to nothing for national defense. The taxes for the Pope are of course the 10 percent from tithing of faithful Catholics, and business dealings.

Although all Fake News outlets would suggest healthcare is a privilege to be earned, those top contenders suggest healthcare must be provided for all. They don’t have employers handling healthcare, they let taxes and tithes pay for it, much as we do for national defense, which nobody questions much. However, in America, national defense spending in foreign countries is a national offense, and not defensible anymore.

With Russia having infiltrated, at minimum, our democratic sensibilities, is it time to consider our own citizens’ health as being more important than spending money on protecting these major land owners? It’s hardly national defense if we protect citizens or members of those owners, yet let millions of our own suffer.

Has America chosen guns over butter, or perhaps more correctly guns to protect others over the health of all its citizens?

It is certainly time to at least argue the point, in my opinion.

Of course most of us assume God owns the world, so shouldn’t we consider what the true owner wants us to do? As I recall, Jesus healed people and didn’t ask for any payment. As Jesus is not here, perhaps it’s time to simply provide healthcare for all from taxes, and question more the money spent keeping those of other countries healthy, and who gain from our national offense.

The taxes paid in this country ensure that all government employees have healthcare, but does not ensure that all citizens do. This is not Nazi Germany, and we do not, for instance, murder our own mentally ill, who Hitler viewed as less than perfect, and also unable to add to the Gross Domestic Product. Hitler’s mistake of course was that he thought he was a god, and the outcome of that was that Germany depended on U.S. welfare until it got back on its feet after World War II. Of course, some will argue it was a loan, until Germany got back on its feet. Well, shouldn’t we assume that the real “Owner of the World” would do similar for our own citizens? Let’s at least loan our own citizens the right to healthcare, and see over time if that pays off, as it did for Germany. I am assuming that the Real Owner of the World would continue to say, “Suffer not the little children” and as we are all children of God, even if some don’t believe it, it’s time for America to listen to God, and not the Fake News Prophets and those that gain from their false witness.

I doubt God would put the financial health of health insurance companies above the health of his children.

But hey, it’s just an opinion as I certainly cannot know God’s will. And I am sure those with more than adequate healthcare in Congress, certainly do not!



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