Judicial Watch sues Washington, D.C. for First Amendment access to paint the message, “Because no one is above the law.” But Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser so far has rejected the request. On June 5, after days of protests and riots in D.C., this “Demon-crat” mayor authorized the painting on the street of “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund the Police.” The Judicial Watch message was more relevant because it applies equally to law enforcement and public officials, as well as to protestors, looters and rioters. As of this writing, the mayor has not responded.

Now is the time to limit the number of years people can serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Here is a list of the Do-Nothing Dems and the number of years they have wasted our tax dollars: Pelosi, 33 years; Maxine Waters, 29 years; Steny Hoyer, 39 years; Marcy Kaptur, 37 years; Pete Visclosky, 35 years; John Lewis, 33 years; Nita Lowey, 31 years, Napping Nadler, 28 years; Eliot Engel, 31 years.

Here is a list of the Dems wasting tax dollars in the Senate: Chucky Schumer, 39 years; Patrick Leahy, 45 years; Feinstein, 28 years; Dick Durbin, 23 years; Patty Murray, 27 years; Ron Wyden, 24 years; Jack Reed, 23 years. What a waste of our tax money going to these socialists who want to destroy our great country.

This is ironic that I am reading Judicial Watch about the FDA buying human fetal parts from babies that were aborted, and I’m listening to the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart and he is preaching on abortion and if you vote for someone that is for abortion, the blood is on your hands. The FDA got eight contracts worth $96,370 with Advanced Bioscience Resources to acquire fresh tissue from first and second trimester aborted fetuses for use in creating humanized mice for ongoing research. All documents acquired by Judicial Watch are a horror show. They show that the FDA was trafficking in human fetal parts. Wonder why Planned Parenthood is against stopping the funding for them?

Why is there so much corruption in our government?

Support law enforcement! God bless President Trump and all people.



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