MVP: Tori Obenrader, North Clarion

First Team: Josey Terwilliger, A-C Valley; Alexis Constantino, Clarion; Olivia Boocks, A-C Valley; Emily Gourley, Redbank Valley; Maya Thornton, Clarion; Erin Merryman, Cranberry.

Second Team: Breanna Campbell, Clarion; Josie Rupp, Redbank Valley; Jenny McConnell, Keystone; Kylee Eaton, A-C Valley; Sydney Rankin, A-C Valley; Maddie Schill, Clarion.

Third Team: Emily Hegedus, Karns City; Frankee Remmick, Union; Malliah Schreck, Cranberry; Lauren Conkle, Cranberry; Emily Wetzel, A-C Valley; Danica Hurrelbrink, Keystone.



MVP: Nathaniel Lerch, Clarion

First Team: Daniel Fisher, Cranberry; Dawson Steele, Keystone; Nick Schill, Clarion; Andrew Forrest, C-L; Logan Johnson, Cranberry; Noah Schill, Clarion; Daniel Ketner, Clarion.

Second Team: Frank Weber, Clarion; Conrad Lloyd, Keystone; Hunter O’Neil, Cranberry; Gavin Schmoll, Karns City; Tye Sapien, A-C Valley/Union; Vinnie Gazzo, A-C Valley/Union.


MVP: Rebecca Pennington, Karns City

First Team: Tifany Berry, Cranberry; Kalynne Ziegler, Cranberry; Chelsea McKissick, Cranberry; Katie Craig, Clarion; Haley Bauer, North Clarion; Rachel Bauer, North Clarion; Lauren Varsek, Cranberry.

Second Team: Miranda Beichner, Cranberry; Taylor Geer, Keystone; Addison Shaftic, North Clarion; Ashley Finch, Cranberry; Hannah Rittenhouse, C-L; Abigail Barris, A-C Valley/Union; Carley Schreck, Cranberry.


MVP: Weston Kimmey, Moniteau

First Team: Hunter Gifford, Karns City; Hayden Siegel, C-L; Nate Tack, Moniteau; Cam Craig, Clarion; Ian Callen, C-L.

Second Team: Josh Craig, Clarion; Logan Pistorius, Karns City; Zander Hargenrader, Forest Area; Logan Inverso, Moniteau; Ethan McDeavitt, Moniteau.

Third Team: Kaden Park, C-L; Daniel Brooker, Venango Catholic; Matt Wolfe, Karns City; Preston Schmader, Forest Area; Brayden Wilson, Karns City.

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