BUTLER — The Leap of Faith Gymnastics program out of Clarion, which has several youth girls from the surrounding area on the roster, opened its meet season on Nov. 3 at the Alex Summer’s Meet hosted at the Butler Gymnastics Club.

Members of the team competed in the Xcel Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions. Results are listed below:


Lilleigh Harmon: Vault (8.1, 6th), Bars (8.5, 6th), Beam (7.4, 5th), Floor (8.95, 1st) and All-Around (32.95, 5th).

Laci Campbell: Vault (8.25, 5th), Bars (8.8, 4th), Beam (7.45, 4th), Floor (8.9, 2nd) and All-Around (33.4, 4th).

Clair Henry: Vault (8.65, 3rd, Bars (8.75, 5th), Beam (6.35, 6th), Floor (8.3, 4th), All-Around (32.05, 6th).


  • Noelle Reitz: Vault (7.8, 11th), Bars (8.9, 8th), Beam (9.05, 6th), Floor (8.8, 3rd), All-Around (34.55, 9th).
  • Jorja Parkinson: Vault (9.2, 4th), Bars (9.55, 2nd), Beam (8.725, 8th), Floor (8.85, 2nd), All-Around (36.325, 3rd).
  • Malia Wilson: Vault (8.7, 9th, Bars (9.0, 6th), Beam (9.05, 5th), Floor (8.55, 7th), All-Around (35.30, 6th).

Jadyn Truax: Vault (8.1, 10th), Bars (8.15, 10th), Beam (8.35, 11th), Floor (8.8, 4th), All-Around (33.4, 11th).

  • Shadow Young: Vault (8.9, 6th), Bars (8.9, 7th), Beam (8.35, 10th), Floor (8.7, 6th), All-Around (34.850, 8th).
  • State Qualifiers


Skyler Harriger: Vault (8.5, 3rd), Bars (7.56, 4th), Beam (7.95, 3rd), Floor (8.45, 3rd), All-Around (32.55, 4th).

Callie Lutz: Vault (9.25, 2nd), Bars (9.075, 2nd), Beam (7.75, 4th), Floor (8.6, 1st), All-Around (34.675, 2nd).

Kennedy Kinney: Vault (9.0, 5th), Bars (8.675, 4th), Beam (7.85, 9th), Floor (8.7, 3rd), All-Around (34.225, 5th).

Cheyenne Harriger: Vault (8.65, 7th), Bars (7.5), Beam (8.5, 5th), Floor (8.15, 7th), All-Around (32.8, 6th).

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