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Members of the Sandy Township Planning Commission, Zoning Officer Jim Keck, a representative of Aqua Pennsylvania Inc., and a Treasure Lake property owner looked over the site last last year where Aqua is proposing to build a water treatment facility on consolidated lots located off Barbary Coast Church in Treasure Lake.

DuBOIS — Since deciding to temporarily suspend its application for building a new well station in Treasure Lake last month, Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. hopes to address concerns regarding the location of the facility currently proposed along Barbary Coast Court.

On Feb. 15, Aqua sent a letter to the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association to inform them of the decision to request that its application to the Sandy Township Board of Supervisors to construct the new well station be temporarily suspended to allow time for Aqua to address concerns raised by local constituents.

The current application was filed Dec. 21, 2017, and was scheduled for decision on or before March 29.

“Our suspension request will ask that the application be acted upon by May 7, 2018,” Aqua Director of Operations Pat Burke said in the letter.

“We have asked our engineering consultant to revisit sites that have already been reviewed and consider others that might also be worthwhile,” Burke told the Tri County Sunday. “We are also trying to address specific concerns expressed by local residents pertaining to making the facility blend in with the residential area wherever it is located.”

When asked what the requirements are for the well station, Burke said the proposed well station must have access to reliable electric power and be near sanitary sewer lines.

“It must also be at a location that is both hydraulically and mechanically feasible, reliably accessible, and provides a safe location for our employees,” Burke continued. “Our plans involve design features to make the proposed facility blend in with the residential neighborhood. Traffic to the site will be limited because the facility will be primarily automated and special design features enable us to limit deliveries. The facility is also quiet.”

The new, modern and more efficient well station is necessary to replace the current, aging facility, which is nearing the end of its useful life.

“The new well station will provide increased capacity and ensure reliable service into the future,” Burke said. Once Aqua decides on its course of action, it will report back to the TLPOA.

A public hearing regarding a request from Aqua for a modification to an existing planned residential development in Treasure Lake for a proposed water filtration plant was held Jan. 15 by the township supervisors. Although attendance was standing room only during the 2 1/2 hour hearing, no opportunity for public comment was given until the regular supervisors’ meeting that immediately followed. Several residents voiced their opposition to the location of the proposed well station at that time.

The most vocal concerns have been raised by Robert and Betsy Hooven, who live on Barbary Coast Court adjacent to the proposed location of the well station. Though they agree that the improvements are needed to improve water quality in Treasure Lake, they say the proposed location “would have a devastating effect on property values of the homes” and urged the supervisors to stop Aqua from building the well station near their home.

Burke said Aqua, owner of the four residential lots, purchased the lots through a sheriff’s sale.

“We’ve had an active dialogue with the Hoovens as well as the Property Owners Association and its Property Control Committee. We will continue that dialogue as we get more details about site selection,” Burke said.

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