DuBOIS — The DuBois Area Middle School will remain closed on Monday because of indoor air quality and mold concerns, the DuBois Area School District announced late Saturday afternoon.

With the school closed, Superintendent Luke Lansberry said Mountain Research can conduct clearance testing in the rooms that were professionally cleaned by Serv-Pro.

Last Wednesday, upon testing at the middle school, 12 rooms and the two cafeterias were identified for remediation efforts. As a result, the middle school was closed so professional cleaning and dehumidification could occur.

In addition, “final inspections were completed late Friday night at the elementary schools,” Lansberry said.

“No issues were identified that required the closure of any of the elementary schools or any of the individual rooms. The district will remain diligent for identifying and addressing any indoor environmental quality concerns to ensure the well being of our students and staff,” Lansberry said.

According to the district, Sunday’s DuBois Area Community Concert Association’s concert will take place as planned. That concert, featuring The Atlantic City Boys, will be held at 3 p.m. in the middle school auditorium.

The public is asked to continue to visit the district website for updates as they become available.

On Sept. 13, the DuBois Area High School was closed after mold was discovered in 14 classrooms, the swimming pool area, and the cafeteria. Students at the middle school and four elementary schools attended school as usual. Jeff Tech students and Penn State classes also continued as normal.

High school students returned to school on Thursday after post remedial sampling results received from the environmental engineering firm of Mountain Research LLC. for the DuBois Area High School indicated that it was safe to re-open, according to the district.

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