Trash ordinance violation

More than 300 residents in Sandy Township are not maintaining the required trash services, according to Zoning Officer Jim Keck. The owner of this property was recently cited for violation of the township code.

DuBOIS — Sandy Township officials are starting to crack down on individuals who are in violation of the township’s trash ordinance.

More than 300 residents are not maintaining the required trash services and not paying the current trash hauler, Advanced Disposal of Brockway, said township Zoning Officer Jim Keck.

All residential garbage and rubbish shall be collected at least once a week, according to the ordinance.

“Residents need to keep up with it,” Keck said.

In addition to it being mandatory, “it’s a health and and safety issue. The regular garbage can attract rodents,” he said. “Our goal is for people not to create that and keep the community safe. It’s been an ongoing issue.”

Recently, Keck filed a non-traffic citation before District Judge Patrick Ford against a property owner, Anna Ruth Rivera, 925 S. Brady St., DuBois, for violating the ordinance by permitting the accumulation of garbage, rubbish, bulky waste or any other municipal or residual solid waste on the property since Jan. 22. A summary hearing will be held at a date yet to be determined.

There was an accumulation of at least 30 bags on the porch at one time, Keck said. The fine is $1,000 per day plus court costs for each day residents are in violation of the code, he said.

Keck said he has received notification of another violation, also on South Brady Street.

With the assistance of the police department, Keck said he gives residents three warnings before filing charges with the magistrate.

“It’s important for people to become current with the trash hauler before they will pick up,” Keck said.

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