BROOKVILLE — After more than 40 years of serving families in Reynoldsville and the surrounding areas, Bernie Snyder has sold the Bernard P. Snyder Funeral Home to Jacob d’Argy, owner and funeral director of the McKinney-d’Argy Funeral Home Ltd. on Main Street in Brookville.

Snyder, who started washing cars when he was 16 so that he could put himself through mortuary school, says he always wanted to be a funeral director. During the span of his career, he built a reputation on being steadfast in his commitment to his work and his community. So, when he decided to retire and that it was time to sell the funeral home, Snyder didn’t take the decision lightly.

Snyder says he recognizes the same level of dedication in d’Argy, who has already begun to establish a reputation around his love for the community. “Basically, it’s about taking care of people and treating them with respect,” Snyder said. “That’s what I like about Jacob. He seems to be a really decent guy.”

Snyder’s wife, Joyce, who has been by his side since he first went to mortuary school in Pittsburgh, agrees that d’Argy is the right man to carry on Snyder’s legacy. “Jacob has the same dedication to the families as Bernie does,” she said. “That is the main thing. And he does. He seems to care. He has cared about my feelings even. He understands that you’re not dealing with just one person in a situation like this.”

Recently, d’Argy and his wife, Kari, announced their plans to open an event center on Main Street in Brookville which requires a renovation of the former Galbraith Furniture store buildings. Though they have been busy, d’Argy says that his admiration and respect for Snyder made expanding into the Reynoldsville community feel more like the right decision. “Once they explained their hearts, their feelings, the future that they want and how they want me involved, then it became more than just another project,” d’Argy said. “It means so much to them, so it means a lot to me that they have that kind of faith in what I believe in and stand for.”

d’Argy says he is excited to be able to extend the services that he provides at the McKinney-d’Argy Funeral Home to families in the Reynoldsville and surrounding areas. Specifically, these services include d’Argy’s use of technology to enhance the services he provides, such as the private live-streaming which allows families to reach out to loved ones remotely. The McKinney-d’Argy Funeral Home implemented many new services when d’Argy started in Brookville that the community seems to support and enjoy. He emphasized that all prearranged services with the Bernie P. Snyder Funeral Home will be fully honored and include these new services, if the family wishes to utilize them, at no additional cost. d’Argy is eager to get to know the families in the area better and encourages anyone who would like to meet him to simply give him a call.

Families will also continue to see Snyder’s longtime employee, Carl Abrahamson at what will now be named the Snyder-d’Argy Funeral Home. Abrahamson, who has worked with Snyder for more than 20 years at his funeral home and as part of the coroner’s office, will now become the funeral home’s supervisor with both d’Argy and himself serving the community there.

As for Snyder and his wife, Joyce, they will continue to live at the funeral home, which has been their home for more than 40 years. They both expressed their love of their community and that they want to remain a part of it. d’Argy says he is grateful to have Snyder’s experience and support. “Being able to learn and get another perspective from someone who’s been doing this his entire life is incredible,” d’Argy said. “Bernie is very well-liked. I want to emulate that type of relationship with the community. I want them to know that I genuinely care about them.”

d’Argy sees his acquisition of the Snyder Funeral Home as a chance to extend his and Kari’s efforts at community development to the Reynoldsville area. Kari agreed that she and their three children plan to spend a lot more time there. “We’re excited to expand our reach,” d’Argy said. “Now we have the opportunity to try to make a difference here.”

He added that he is making the same promise to the people of Reynoldsville that he has made, and has been working so hard to keep, in Brookville, “As this community continues to take care of me and my family, we will continually think of ways to help this community to grow and become even better.”

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