A woman of God

Sophia Simko, pictured here at the DuBois Nursing Home in 2016, has a strong faith in God that keeps her going. This month Simko will be celebrating her 105th birthday.

DuBois — Sophie Simko turns 105 years old on Sept. 21. To celebrate friends and family are invited to an open house from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at the DuBois Nursing Home on 212 South Eighth St.

Simko has attributed her long life to her strong faith in God.

“I have the good Lord in my life,” she told the Tri-County Sunday when she reached 103 years old. Those around her say she tells everybody “God loves you and so do I.”

In 2016 she said, “God’s been good to me. I’m blind, I can’t see but God has been very good to me. I never smoked, I never drank alcohol, nothing, I lived a good life.”

Born Sophia Voyton in the little mining town of Stanley, she had two sisters and a brother. After a fire in their house when she was little, the family moved to Helvetia, where she went to school.

She attributed her parents with teaching her right from wrong, telling the Tri-County Sunday at that time, that when she was a young girl “If I didn’t go to church on Sunday, I wasn’t allowed out of the yard,” adding that she had “good parents.”

At 18 years old she married Lynn Wachob and they had two children – Virginia Robinson and the late Jack Wachob. After Lynn Wachob’s death, she married John Simko and raised his three daughters.

At one time she worked making golf balls at the B.F. Goodrich factory in Youngstown, a job she enjoyed.

When she became legally blind, her son, Jack, brought her back to DuBois. She has resided at the DuBois Nursing Home for the past few years.

It will be at the DuBois Nursing Home where she has stayed active that friends and family will be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with her on Sept. 22.

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