BROOKVILLE — Additional information in the case against Glenn E. Tetro has emerged. While most of the alleged incidents occurred in a Summerville residence, the affidavit of probable cause also lists two incidents taking place in Michigan.

Tetro, 56, of Summerville, was arraigned before District Judge Gregory M. Bazylak at 5:10 p.m. Thursday on 43 counts of rape (felony 1), 86 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse (felony 1), nine counts of statutory rape (felony 2), 34 counts of statutory sexual assault (felony 2) and 43 indecent assault charges (misdemeanor one).

He is currently in the Jefferson County Jail as he was unable to post the $500,000 bail.

According to the affadavit, the female victim, now age 29, reported to the Punxsutawney-based state police that she had been sexually assaulted from age 6 through 10 by Tetro. The incidents allegedly happened in a Summerville residence between 1994 and 1998.

The victim, accompanied by a Passages Inc. counselor advocate, told police the assaults began when Tetro was working at Abrades Youth and Family Services as a counselor and attending college at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Tetro is the co-founder of Brookville Behavioral Health and works there as the clinical director.

The victim told police most of the alleged incidents occurred in a Summerville residence but also recalled two taking place at a residence in Michigan. She noted that the incidents took place in the TV room on a couch or the floor under a blanket or in the victim’s bedroom.

The affadavit noted that most of the alleged incidents involved inappropriate touching and happened almost daily when the victim was 6-7 years old but were more limited to the opportunity when she was 8-10 years old. The victim told police she was trained by Tetro to perform the acts as if it was normal behavior.

Police interviewed the victim’s mother by phone in August of last year. She said the victim told her of the assaults in 2011. According to the affadavit, she had not suspected the incidents when they were happening.

According to the affadavit, the victim’s mother asked Tetro if there was an incident of inappropriate touching in the victim’s bedroom. She alleges that he said yes but that he indicated that the victim tried to touch him and he stopped her by grabbing her hand and telling her “we don’t do that.”

The victim’s mother then allegedly asked Tetro if there was anything else that had happened and said he became ignorant with her. When she asked him why he hadn’t told her about the incidents, she said he told her that he didn’t because he was unsure if something happened to the victim when she was younger and her mother hadn’t wanted him to know about it.

She then asked him if there had been any other incidents and he allegedly told her that there were. She said he told her about an incident and his telling the victim “honey we can’t do this anymore.” Trooper Weaver then reconfirmed with her that Tetro had said “anymore.”

The mother said she asked her daughter about it and she confirmed that the incident happened and the comment, but also said that Tetro hadn’t made that statement until after the sexual acts took place many times. The mother told police she believes her daughter is telling the truth.

The affidavit noted that the victim called Tetro on Feb. 20 on his cell phone and spoke for about 19 minutes. He allegedly indicated he was sorry for what had happened.

On Tuesday, state police once again talked with the victim. She reiterated that she believes the incidents occurred daily and then went to “as opportunity permitted.” They reportedly began in September of 1994 and continued through March of 1998.

State police, in collaboration with Jefferson County District Attorney Jeff Burkett’s Office, arrested Tetro on the charges March 1. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 10:15 a.m. March 15 before Bazylak in Brookville.

A search of online court records show that Tetro has been charged with numerous summary offenses from 2009 through 2017 in Jefferson, Clearfield, Clarion and Armstrong counties. The only other active case was from a Jan. 10 incident in Cambria County. Tetro is charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana, a first offense driving under the influence and a first offense of DUI –controlled substance –schedule one. That case was waived to the Court of Common Please in Cambria County and Tetro posted $2,500 bail.

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