BROOKVILLE — Although work is progressing on Brookville’s new waste water treatment plant, contract deadlines are approaching faster than the work is being completed.

Engineer Josh Gunnett told the Brookville Municipal Authority last week that the general-mechanical work by Global Heavy Corporation is 89 percent complete, with the electrical work by Westmoreland Electric at 87 percent complete.

However, because of inclement weather and delays in Phase I of the project, the contractors have fallen off schedule and have asked for additional days to complete the project.

As a result of the contractors needing the additional days, Gwin, Dobson & Foreman has requested 130 days at a cost of $118,500 beyond the original contract, for engineering inspection of the project.

After lengthy discussion the authority approved the amendment to the engineering contract, but questioned the possibility of assessing the contractors with liquidated damages.

One concern is the possibility of additional fines and penalties being assessed to the municipal authority if the state Department of Environmental Protection does not believe the March 31 deadline for overflow closure has been met.

Solicitor Jim Dennison told the board it would have to consider what the cost of the delays is to the authority, and proceed from that point.

Earlier in the meeting the board approved payment requisitions in the amount of $202,007.43 from the contractors and engineers. The requisitions will be submitted to USDA-Rural Development for payment.

In regards to the old sewage treatment plant, water commissioner Clyde Bullers reported that the removal of the RBCs (rotating biological contactors) at the old plant is almost finished, but the sludge removal is taking a little longer than anticipated.

PennDOT project

Gunnett reported that PennDOT has submitted the agreement for the improvements to routes 28 and 322, on the east side of the borough. Bids for the project are scheduled to be opened next month. The authority approved a resolution to enter into the agreement with the state Department of Transportation. The board also approved a legal services agreement relative to the project, at a cost of $3,000.

East Main Street project

The authority approved a resolution for the East Main Street project, providing for condemnation of rights of way if necessary. Gunnett said the Small Water & Sewer Grant for the project was approved by the state Department of Community & Economic Development. The survey has been completed and layout has begun on the waterline. He also said that the borough has requested the installation of a storm water line at the same time. Gunnett said DCED is being contacted to see if/how this can be included.

Money transfer

The authority approved the transfer of $550,000 from CDs which had matured to a sewer PLGIT account. Money can be withdrawn from the account twice each month without penalty, should there be another government shutdown

Meeting date

The next regular meeting of the Brookville Municipal Authority will be held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, in the Borough Complex.

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