Curwensville Snappy's seeks liquor license

Curwensville Borough Council expressed concerns about the possibility of adding more vehicle and pedestrian traffic to the already busy intersection of State and Filbert Streets in Curwensville. Snappy’s convenience store is requesting to add a liquor license, allowing beer to be sold.

CURWENSVILLE — A local business owner asked Curwensville Borough Council to consider whether another establishment in Curwensville needs a liquor license.

At Thursday’s special council meeting, Aaron Wood, owner of Curwensville Beverage, urged council not to allow a liquor license to be transferred to Snappy’s convenience store located on the corner of Filbert and State streets.

The license would allow the store to sell beer.

Wood said he is concerned whether another license should be added to the borough. He said there are currently seven within the borough limits — four at clubs, two at restaurants/bars and his establishment has one.

“I don’t see the benefit of adding another license,” Wood said. “There is no issue with getting alcohol here.”

Wood said he believes his establishment and the two restaurants/bars invest in the community by donating items to clubs and organizations and joining in various volunteer efforts.

“I try to be active in the community and sponsor as many activities as I can. I live close to town and I volunteer. I am very ingrained in the community,” Wood said. “I don’t see any presence from a box store like Snappy’s. They do nothing to help the people here. I make my livelihood here and employ people. I shop locally and use local services,” Wood continued.

Wood said he is not concerned about sales opposition.

“I’m all for competition — but I can’t compete with that.”

Council thanked Wood for coming to them with his concerns. President Sara Curulla said she would like to hear the opinions of other businesses in the borough and asked Wood if he would encourage the other business owners to express their views.

Council also briefly discussed what the requirements the store must fulfill to be able to sell beer. Councilman and Code Enforcement Officer Tom Carfley said he believes the store would have to add seating and additional parking places to be eligible, and said he is unsure whether there is enough room on the lot for this to be done.

“I don’t know where they would have capacity, parking or seating for the people,” he stated, adding he is concerned the area is already very congested and to add another service would make it even more so.

Councilman Robert Moore agreed, stating parking is already limited at the store and there is traffic going in and out and to the gas pumps.

Council said it would contact the state Liquor Control Board to obtain additional information on what the requirements are for seating, parking and if there is a cap on the number of liquor licenses in a municipality based on its population.

Council has scheduled a public hearing to receive residents’ and business owners’ comments on the matter on Monday, March 12 at 5:30 p.m. prior to its monthly business meeting at 6 p.m., when it plans to take action on the license transfer request.

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