Clearfield Hobby Garden Club members, from left, Kathy Graham, Darlene Jury, Suzette Smith and Lois Mitchell are sharing their love of plants and helping to raise funds to benefit the Clearfield Food Pantry.

Four members of the Clearfield Hobby Garden Club are passing along their love of plants and gardening while raising funds for a cause.

Kathy Graham and Darlene Jury, both of Clearfield, and Lois Mitchell and Suzette Smith, both of Glen Richey, are offering trees and perennials in front of Graham’s Turner Drive home to raise funds for the Clearfield Food Pantry.

The four are all self-confessed plant lovers and gardeners whose flora sometimes grow beyond the space they have been allotted.

The women said the idea was a spinoff from a benevolence the club performs at its annual flower show. Club members provide shoots of plants from their gardens and houseplants that are offered to show visitors with the purpose of raising funds to be shared among three of Clearfield County’s food pantries in Clearfield, Curwensville and Osceola Mills.

The flower show is normally in July but this year has been postponed to Sept. 19 at the Clearfield Presbyterian Church.

Graham said she thought the process could be used throughout the year to continue to raise funds for the food pantry that has seen clients’ number increase dramatically. “The pantry really has a need, especially now. It’s a good cause,” she said.

Mitchell said she, Smith and Jury bring plants from their gardens, mainly perennials, and Graham divides and pots them and depending on the season winters them over in her garage.

She said she isn’t sure how many hours she has devoted to dividing and potting plants. “I work at it a little here and a little there. Sometimes I work two or three hours. It just depends.”

Graham sets the potted plants in a display in her driveway and advertises their availability on her Facebook page. People stop by to pick out the plants they want and make a donation to the food pantry.

Some of their offerings recently included chocolate mint, lamb’s ear, lady’s mantle, thyme, sweet William, day lilies, iris, comfrey and black-eyed Susan.

“She also answers questions people have about the plants and where they should plant them and how to care for them, “ Mitchell said.

Graham said if she doesn’t know answers about the plants she has books where she researches answers.

She said she has also learned from other gardeners during the approximately five years she has been a member of Clearfield Hobby Garden Club.

She said the club, whose meetings are currently on hold because of social distancing restrictions associated with COVID-19 Coronavirus, meets on the second Monday of each month, February through December. The location of the luncheon meeting alternates between the Curwensville Community Center and the Glen Richey Firehall. Dues are $10 per year and members also pay the cost of lunch.

Graham said the club has very informational speakers and members learn a lot from one another. “They are a very nice group to belong to. It’s a great place to learn along with sharing plants and ideas.”

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