FAIRMOUNT CITY — Clarion County Fair organizers are hosting the group’s inaugural Zombie Infested 5K on Nov. 2 at Redbank Valley Municipal Park in Fairmount City, located between Hawthorn and New Bethlehem. Proceeds from the event will benefit the annual county fair.

Jackie Quinn, spokesperson for the fun-run and walking event, said, “We are always looking for something new to offer area residents that has not been done to death.”

“One of our committee members, Angie McCauley, suggested the activity during a meeting and then just ran with it,” Quinn said. “Along with her friend, Pam Steffey, Angie has been the one who got things rolling.”

McCauley and her cohorts expect to kick off the Zombie 5K activities at 3 p.m. on Nov. 2. Before and after the undead make their appearance, family-friendly activities such as children’s barrel train rides, crafts, hayrides, a Chinese auction, a bonfire and food vendors will be offered at the park. There will also be an “inoculation station” for those seeking to avoid the zombie pestilence.

The Zombie 5K itself is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. and will lead participants over a course that will take them through various zones in the park. Each runner and walker will try to maintain possession of at least one of the three flags issued during registration. If zombies manage to remove all three, the participant joins the ranks of the undead.

Along with avoiding flag-stealing zombies, runners will have to negotiate a number of obstacles. Hay bales, benches, trees and other natural hazards will lie in their paths.

The race is expected to end at about 7 p.m.

“As of Oct. 24, we have 38 people preregistered as participants, and we already have more than 50 zombies signed up to man more than eight zones. Everyone is welcome, and we will accept entrants until shortly before the race begins,” Quinn said.

Everyone is welcome, and anybody can participate as a runner or a zombie. Quinn said “zombies” have been recruited from several service and nonprofit groups in the New Bethlehem area.

“We have volunteers from several 4-H groups, members of Redbank Valley High’s robotics club and several sports teams,” she said. “We are still recruiting zombies because we hope to have a total of 11 zones during the event, and we are developing more ideas for props for the zones.”

Participants who preregister before the event will pay a $25 entry fee, but waiting until the day of the 5K will cost them $30.

More information and registration forms are available on the Clarion County Fair’s Facebook page and on the group’s website, www.clarioncountyfair.com.

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