Local teen starting archeology club

Jordan Wilsoncroft, 16, of Clearfield, is starting a local archeology club. He is shown with some of the Native American artifacts he has found in the area.

CLEARFIELD — Jordan Wilsoncroft, 16, of Clearfield, is starting a local archeology club.

The club is for children and adults alike who have an interest in archeology and history, Wilsoncroft said. It will be a chapter of the Society of Pennsylvania and will include a local archeologist who lives in the area.

He said the club is planning an archeology dig for sometime next year at local area where some Native American artifacts have been found.

They originally were planning to start next spring, he said, but pushed it back because it is going to be bigger than expected.

He said he can’t say where it is at to protect the site from looters. However, he did say the dig is on private property and the owner of the property wants to have the dig to preserve the artifacts.

So far there are about a half dozen local people as well as some students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania who will be working on the dig.

“There is still a lot here that has yet been discovered,” Wilsoncroft said.

For the dig they will lay the site out in a grid and carefully sift through the soil and document where any artifacts were found.

“We have to know exactly where everything is found,” he said.

Wilsoncroft also noted he is also planning to write a book about his experience.

The club dues is $10 per year but children who are up to the age of 14 years old don’t have to pay dues, Wilsoncroft said. “My goal is to get the younger generation involved.”

Wilsoncroft said he is planning to give an archeological presentation to some elementary school students at Bilger’s Rocks whenever the pandemic is over.

“It’s a really fun experience and you get to learn a lot about how people lived in the past,” Wilsoncroft said.

Those interested in joining the club can contact Wilsoncroft at wilsoncroftjordan@gmail.com or on the Facebook page Ancient History of PA.

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