BROOKVILLE — A Brookville couple has helped out the Brookville Area Little League when it needed it most and now BALL wants to say thank you in a big way.

Jason Geer, of BALL, asked the Brookville Borough Council Tuesday night for its approval in renaming the North Side Park.

Geer started his comments by saying that while the borough owned the land, BALL paid for mainentance, the structures and their upkeep, the local LL chapter and more. Most of the maitenance is doable and when it’s not, then they reach out to various people to see who might be able to help out with a project.

He said at North Side Field sometime between the fall and the spring, a leak began in the roof of the press box but went unnoticed. The press box has the scoreboard and equipment and sits atop the home teams dugout. The lower structure is 8 feet of brick.

However because the leak was not noticed the roof of the press box has rotted and so has the press box’s floor, which in turn is the roof of the home team dugout.

Geer said BALL has talked with contractors who say the upper part should be torn down to the bricks and rebuilt. The cost estimates to do that range from $12,000 to $21,000.

While BALL was trying to decide what it was going to do, it received a phone call from a resdient in the neighborhood who had noticed that the press box roof was beginning to sag and wanted to know what was going on. Geer said they explained the problem and an hour later the couple called back and asked, “What do you need?”

The generousity of the couple is going to enable BALL to rebuild the press box, renovate the visitors’ dugout and update the restrooms.

Geer said the amazing thing was that “they volunteered to do it; they called us. Do you know how rare that is?”

That couple was Paul and Sandy Blake.

Geer said two signs would be erected with BALL paying for the signs and for putting them up. They will hold the park’s new name: Blake Park.

The borough council was unanimous in its approval.

River Walk

Brookville resident Arthur McKinley also spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting. He asked for an update on Borough Manager Dana Schreckengost reaching out to the Army Corps of Engineers in regards the River Walk.

Schreckengost said that the Corps wouldn’t look at the River Walk until there was a more detailed plan. So she was working with the borough engineer to see what developing a detailed plan would cost.

McKinley then wanted to more forward with easements along the proposed River Walk in order for grants to be applied for. He noted that to apply for the grants it would have to be shown that the project has control of the trail site.

Solicitor Jim Dennison said while borough property is no problem it was not his job to ask for easements across any private property. That, he noted, would be up to McKinley.

Council also noted that it does not have funding set aside this year for the River Walk. While the members are not against the project, they noted that it takes time on projects such as these.

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