JOHNSTOWN — A paranormal theorist is searching for families to be part of a TV show he is creating, with the help of students from the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College in Johnstown, to examine one of his theories.

Ryan Michaels is known for his appearance on the A&E show “Psychic Kids” in season three, where he and another teenage medium helped police uncover details in a missing person case. He was later featured on the reboot of the show nearly 10 years later as a mentor to the new generation of psychic children, as well as on an episode of “20/20” that included people with a “sixth sense.”

“In my career, I have the theory that one’s personal demons can actually become a physical reality that can create a paranormal experience or phenomena to occur in the house,” Michaels said.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in both theology and demonology from the American Institute of Metaphysics. He is currently enrolled in the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, where he pitched the idea for a single TV show episode as a final project to his media professor.

Richard Bukoski, a professor of media and communications at PHCC allowed the students to take this on as a final project, getting multiple departments involved in the production. The school is assisting Michaels in the creation of the episode, which he will then be able to use to pitch the show to TV stations for a full series.

Michaels is currently searching for a family to be part of the filming process. He needs a family who is struggling with personal demons related to traumatic events or personal struggles, and also experiencing paranormal activity.

“Not only should the family notice personal hurdles or struggles occurring in their lives, but around the same time as the hurdles occurred, paranormal phenomena also occurring in the home,” Michaels said.

He said the personal demons could be an addiction, emotional distress, mental health based, the loss of a family member, anything that has been traumatic to the family. He added not everyone in the family has to be experiencing the paranormal activity, and it is actually rare that the whole family is experiencing it.

“I am trying to prove that by not only helping the family cope with an unhappy lifestyle, but as a paranormal theorist and investigator, helping control and abolish what’s in the home,” Michaels said.

He is adamant that this is not a story or dramatized show. Only the truth will be filmed and displayed for the purpose of trying to prove his theory.

Most of the work on the production of the show will be done by students from PHCC. Psychology department students will be doing case work with the family; students will be doing the editing, some will be part of the TV crew and filming, website designing, others will be in charge of the advertising and social media for the show. Michaels said it will be a cool experience if they find a family, and the whole university is excited at the prospect.

Not everybody in the family has to believe in what Michaels does, and not everyone has to have paranormal experiences. The only necessary part is everyone has to agree to be filmed.

Michaels can be reached on social media through his website or Ryan Michaels on Facebook, and finally psychicmedium_ryanmichaels on Instagram. He will reach out and let a family know if it qualifies for filming. The group is hoping to have an idea of a family by the end of next week and are willing to travel to find a family who fits their needs and is willing to take part in the show.

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