CLEARFIELD — In 1994, Clearfield residents Dennis Wood and Terry Narehood took over as “The Phone Guys” and 25 years later, they are still offering great service and prices on things ranging from phones, camera systems, tablets and more.

Wood said the company — known as The Phone Guys/The Cellular Connection, located at 216 North Second St., Clearfield — was actually one of the first cell phone dealers in central Pennsylvania.

“Back in our day, there was just one cell tower,” Wood said. “That was up on Rockton Mountain and you paid $1 a minute for your phone calls.”

Wood said one of the biggest lines he heard from customers in the early 1990s would be that they would tell someone “Guess where I’m calling you from?

“It was unbelievable back then, but that’s how long we’ve been doing it,” Wood said.

Originally they were an authorized agent for Bell Atlantic Mobile, which then eventually became Verizon Wireless.

“Cellular has been a real interesting career as far as how it’s changed over a quarter of a century,” Wood said. “All of our staff is constantly trained and that’s been neat. You’re always learning the new stuff as it comes out and you build upon your experiences.”

Wood said he’s thankful that most of their staff has been with them for 10-15 years now — adding that they have received multiple awards from Verizon for customer service excellence and prides themselves in being locally owned and operated.

“All of our staff is right here in Clearfield,” Wood said, adding they are also active in the community. “We’re community-oriented people. It’s nice to be in a tight-knit area like this.”

You can get anything from a smartphone to a flip phone these days, with Wood saying they have anything you’d want at the same, if not cheaper, prices than larger retailers.

“We’ll help you find exactly what you need,” Wood said.

Yes, flip phones are still a thing and if that’s what you want, Wood said they have the newest models — ones that even include multiple cameras. But if you’ve never had a smartphone before and want one, “The Phone Guys” will gladly help you by explaining their capabilities.

“We’ll sell a lot of people their first smartphone,” Wood said. “If you’re ready for your first smartphone ... this is the place to come because we sit down and show you how to do it.”

They will also transfer data from your old phone to your new phone — something that is not done these days at many other cell phone stores.

“That’s something we’ve always done and that’s something that we’ll continue to do,” Wood said.

The training they receive is directly from many of the manufacturers, and Wood said it’s a fun job in learning what new technologies are out there.

“This stuff changes every day,” Wood said. “That’s been the biggest challenge in this business but it’s also been the best part — to see the new and exciting stuff that comes out and to be the first to learn it. That’s the cool part of the job. And in this town, it’s nice to be able to bring that technology to them.”

Another large part of the business also has to do with camera systems, which Wood said they’ve been selling for about 7-8 years now and currently sell to Clearfield County, local police departments, municipalities, individual homes and more.

“Camera systems are a big thing now,” Wood said. “We have professional brand, professional grade camera systems. You can put them in a business or you can put them in a house.”

Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. You can visit the website at or visit their Facebook page.

“We know there’s a lot of places to get a phone,” Wood said. “But we have the exact same prices, if not better, and we will give you a local feel and customer service because that’s what we are — we’re your neighbors. You definitely want to go somewhere that you can trust and we will be there for you after the sale.”

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