The “first pitch” in baseball is one of the best traditions in the game. This is when a person is honored to go out onto the field and throw the first pitch before a game begins. The tradition of the first pitch started in 1910 with President William Howard Taft and since then nearly every P…

Editor’s note: The inspiration for this series Baseball and Faith came from a discussion that my brother (Luke Daghir) and I had a few weeks ago when we were talking about evangelization. We thought, “You know, people would be interested in reading about the relationship between baseball and…

As I watched the rain during the final hours of firearms deer season last weekend, I reflected on another different, yet meaningful, chapter of 2020.

So I was scrolling through the social media the other day and I came across an ad from some group or other warning me to avoid voting for Herm Suplizio because he was once seen with Socialist Ed Rendell.

After decades of independence, many older adults may be having trouble with the COVID-19 restriction of self-isolation. It’s hard for many to stay home or to depend upon someone else to help. But, it is a life-saving measure.

I saw a meme on the internet the other day that said all Hollywood is doing is rebooting things from our childhoods and cynically marketing them back to us to tap into our nostalgia.

WASHINGTON — The beginning of the Supreme Court’s term this week includes momentous oral arguments on Tuesday in two cases that illustrate clashing theories about how statutes should be construed. If properly decided, the cases will nudge Congress to act like a legislative body.