We at Christ the King Manor care deeply for the people we serve in this area. That’s why I am writing to inform our readers that continued Medicaid funding shortages are making it increasingly difficult on nonprofit nursing homes in Pennsylvania.

Editor’s Note: The recipe for “whoopie pies” in last week’s Tri-County Sunday brought a quick response from one faithful reader. Since I’ve never made a gob in my life, I’m bowing to the expert and her Mother’s delicious recipe. Thanks Beth for taking the time to set us straight on gobs!

Recently your town hosted the USCAA Small College World Series for 10 teams.

Some things are worth standing against. To compromise simply to avoid sounding a discordant note is to be spineless. When people break the law, when they use powerful agencies to enable them to break the law and thwart the results of legal elections, when they threaten to destroy people’s li…

Like their beloved, problem infested president, who says things that are either backward or flat out wrong, in the April 9th paper U.S. Rep. Glen Thompson’s quirked statement said, “Attacks on the Second Amendment are based on ‘emotion and myth’ instead of ‘science and fact.’”

Thousands of people, including Seniors and families with children have lost their homes because they can't pay the infamous "School Tax." The School Tax is essentially "rent" we must pay to the schools and, in some parts of the state, is already higher than the mortgage on the home. 

Some people who have not served in the military lack training in how to use firearms with proficiency or lack respect for the power of automatic vs. manual ones. Otherwise, why would so many advocates of armed guards in our schools not also support banning the ownership of automatic firearms…