Digesting Theron Noble’s letter to the editor Sunday, March 18, wherein he writes of his concern for an enlarged Russian and shrinking U.S. presence in the world!”

Noble’s assertion that WikiLeaks, Russian hackers, and other foreign influence led to the election of President Trump over a field of “rather qualified Republican candidates” is that of another Democrat unable to accept they lost the election because the American people voted for someone not in the field of ‘qualified Republicans.’ He further laments the role Russians played in assisting the win of President Trump over his candidate of Hillary Clinton.

I offer this quote from Sufian Zhemukhov, a former Russian journalist. “For them, it’s actually a real war, an ideological war, this clash between two systems. In their minds, they’re just trying to do what the West does to Russia.”

Americans had been demanding to be heard and found a candidate outside the swamp that listened, and they elected him not because of Russian influence, but because of American discontent. We are not living in an enclosed mountain hamlet shuttered from the rest of the world’s outside events. I welcome a press that conveys world-wide conditions, and especially, opinions. And if I have the chance to speak with a Russian, I will jump at the chance! It’s still legal in America unless Democrats try putting a stop to free speech much like their mission to get American guns…

Janice Cowher-Russo, DuBois

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