I think it was a mistake for our township to opt out of being considered for a site of a mini casino. In my opinion there is just not enough information available to make an informed choice. It would be in our best interests to wait until all of the facts were in before making such an important decision. Not opting out does not necessarily mean that we would get one of these casinos. You can always say no down the road. But once that decision is made you are definitely out.

Think of the number of our citizens who make the drive to Seneca and spend their money out of state. Wouldn’t it be nice to have most of that money staying here?

Plus as an added benefit think of the amount of revenue it would generate. I think it would be very much welcomed in this area. And as an added bonus it would create a lot of jobs. But as with all opinions this was only mine.

– Michael Johnston, DuBois

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