Two things I would like to see: the end of money in politics (especially Citizen’s United) and a ban on gerrymandering by any political party. Gerrymandering is the antithesis of democracy. I distinctly remember the first time I was able to vote 47 years ago. I have taken this privilege seriously, and with time fully understood why my vote was important to myself and the common good. With the PA Republican gerrymandering case in the current news, I read the entire testimony at to better understand it.

When a map is drawn to ensure that one Party is elected, how does a person vote them out of office if they do not feel that they are being represented? What incentive is there for a legislator to consider the views of ALL the voters in their district (that’s Democracy) if the map does not guarantee equal representation? There should be no fear of re-election if maps are drawn fairly and voters are happy with their representation. We should be wary when a political party expends so much effort to make sure that they are elected.

I’m glad that the PA Supreme Court ruled against the 2011 map, and it is revealing that Justice Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court refused to block its decision. Both of these Courts have ruled. I am disappointed that my congressman is now wasting taxpayer money to impeach the justices who ruled to redraw the map. To me, this a distraction.

I want an equitable map drawn so that all voters feel that they are being represented fairly. This way the only people who win are the voters.

– JoAnne Bruno, Brockway,

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