While reading the Wednesday, March 28th, edition of the Courier Express, I couldn’t help but notice the sad differences in two stories that I read.

One was a story about our brave, volunteer firemen and how well they do their jobs and serve their communities, even going back into a burning house to rescue family pets. And then performing resuscitation and breathing life back into them. What an awesome thing to do! Most pets are considered part of the family and I bet that family is extremely thankful to those wonderful firemen. Great job!

The other story broke my heart, and I’m sure the hearts of many of those that read it. That was the story about a horse named Coco, that died from starvation, tied to a tree and left alone. What is our world coming to that that poor, living creature, in view of people driving by day after day, had to die such a horrible death, in terrible, winter weather conditions? Every living animal deserves the proper amount of food, clean water and shelter from the elements. This poor creature had none of those and suffered a long, painful death that could have been prevented, had someone stepped up to the plate. The article stated that concerned neighbors called several law and animal enforcement agencies, but if so, why was nothing done? Why didn’t someone go while he was still alive? It might of saved his life.

Ann Lines, DuBois

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