In this time of political turmoil and constant attack I would like to share something uplifting.

I was recently invited to participate in a local school function.

Jeff Tech had its charity dinner last night 12/22. There were pictures taken and meals served.

Cookies were decorated and presents given. I am sure that all this was or has been well reported by your fine newspaper.

My letter concerns the aftermath.

After the last picture was taken and the children and their families had departed. That is when I had the opportunity to share in the meal before my long trip home.The turkey and mashed potatoes were great,and I even took home one of the brownies to Mrs. Claus. I sat at a table in the cafeteria and just listened. There were tables full of laughter all around me.

Students of all genders, races, and class all who had joined together for something special. Teachers and staff proud of their young and capable pupils. All basking in the glow of the joy of giving. This old elf is not sure of the number of families that were fed, only that not a single faculty member was there for pay, and not a single student had a grade in the balance.

They strengthened and inspired this Kringle and I thank them for it. They have all made it to the top of the nice list.

— Santa C. Claus, North Pole

Editor’s note: We have not changed our letters policy in regards signed letters, but we felt that the Christmas edition could accept a letter from Santa, who did follow the guidelines and provide our office with his everyday name.

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