I am writing in regards to an article regarding the proposed “trooper tax.”

I read in an earlier edition of your paper that by January 2017 the state police budget would account for $100 million more than 50 percent of the highway or transportation budget.

Why not and what would it cost to restore “full” police powers to the county sheriffs of both Clearfield and Jefferson counties?

I know one retired state trooper who told my son his monthly pension is $15,000 and he has full medical benefits paid for the rest of his life.

Is there some reason other than “union” why all the state and municipal workers can not be paying into and collecting Social Security and Medicare benefits – with any additional pension benefits paid by a 401 or Roth IRA?

The state sure does not know how to manage money.

That’s why all the road turnbacks and they still keep losing money, especially in the pensions.

Why do we have the state police providing private security to gambling casinos?

We need our sheriffs restored to full police powers as all used to be. Sheriffs used to be the highest “law enforcement officer” in every county.

We do need the state police academy for all law enforcement officers, including sheriffs and their deputies, as well as I-80 patrol, governor’s protection, crime scene investigation, all major traffic accidents including any resulting in death or serious injury, investigation of all corruption cases in the state, a highway patrol, arson investigations, drugs, etc.

I think we all get my meaning.

Your comments please!

– George E. Donajue Jr., DuBois

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